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Although Michael Jordan (pictured) is arguably the best player the NBA has ever witnessed, his former winning ways have not translated into success for his struggling Charlotte Bobcats team, the squad which the NBA Hall of Famer currently owns. With a  7-53 record, the Bobcats would become the worst team in NBA history if they lose their remaining six games.

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The road for redemption is a rocky one for the Bobcats, including a home game Wednesday night against the team Jordan gained all of his glory from, the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are one of four playoff-bound teams they have to face for the duration of the season.

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Even upcoming pushover teams, such as the Washington Wizards, have crushed the Bobcats this season, making the reality of the team breaking the record even more tangible. However, the players are aware of their fortunes and are rallying themselves for a win.

“We are desperate to get a win,” said Bobcats guard Matt Carroll. “No one wants to be known as the worst team in NBA history. I’ve been talking about this with guys on the team for [the] last two weeks, telling them we at least need to get one more win. I think guys at first heard it but weren’t thinking it was going to happen.”

Fans shouldn’t expect Jordan to lace up the Nikes and hit the court. The last time his Airness left the office and hit the courts during a stint as an executive for the Washington Wizards, though, the results were less than desirable.


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