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A North Carolina man was arrested and charged with assault for snatching the mic from a female reporter and yelling the N-word on live TV, reports the New York Daily News.  Ironically, the man accused of the crime is African-American.

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Ashley Taylor, a WMBF-TV reporter, was broadcasting a live report on the crackdown on crime in Myrtle Beach.  According to Taylor, she felt as though something was about to “go terribly wrong,” she told WMBF.  Justin Moore (pictured), who was standing nearby Taylor, suddenly shoved her out-of-the-way, aggressively grabbed the microphone out of the reporter’s hand, and yelled, “I’m the N***er!”

The 11:00 p.m. news telecast was abruptly stopped, and within minutes, police arrived on the scene.  Moore was arrested and taken to a local jail.  Police charged the 20-year-old man with third-degree assault and battery.  He was released Thursday on a $1,400 bond.

Meanwhile, Taylor says she tells victims stories every day in order to give them a voice, but now she understands how important victim advocates are since she’s been victimized.  A local victims’ advocates group notified her when Moore was released on bond, and according to the newswoman, these types of organizations act as a liaison between the victims and the criminal justice system proceedings with regards to their assailants.

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