San Pedro native, Reginald Scott says his red Ford Mustang was vandalized between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Country music star Morgan Wallen says he's mad people thought he was racist after being caught on video saying the N-word nearly three years ago.

Janee Jewell Plummer was arrested in Portland after punching a Black security guard who tried to stop her from shoplifting.

A white couple in a Las Vegas casino is shown on a viral video attacking a nonviolent Black man with racial slurs and other hateful speech. Where's a folding chair when you need one?

The list of notable white people to use the N-word without full accountability has grown. A school employee in Iowa calling a Black student the reprehensible slur is the latest example of that truth.

Glen Kuiper blamed "this current environment" for why he lost his job.

Glen Kuiper lost his job more than 2 weeks after saying the racial slur on live TV.

Dallas Braden addressed his on-air partner Glen Kuiper saying the N-word on TV.

An old video of Glen Kuiper has surfaced.

A viral video shows a Sequoia Middle School teacher in Fontana, California using the N-word in class while also pressuring a student to say it because they are studying Tom Sawyer.

South Doyle High School chemistry teacher Sanford Graves was suspended with pay after a video showed him justifying using the N-word in class despite Black students objecting.

Race Matters

Marcus Stokes lost his University of Florida football scholarship after posting a video of him rapping the n-word.