Marcus Stokes lost his University of Florida football scholarship after posting a video of him rapping the n-word.

University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing was arrested after a video showed her attacking and using racial slurs against Kylah Spring.

The news comes from audio recovered during the murder investigation.

A white high school teacher in Illinois wasn't fired despite video evidence of his racism.

The receipts came following complaints of silence after Kanye West's antisemitic posts.

NBA players and civil rights leaders criticized Adam Silver slapping Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver on the wrist.

A middle school student sent the N-word shaped like a swastika to a Black classmate in Colorado.

The NBA slammed Robert Sarver with a year-long suspension and a $10 million fine following an investigation into the allegations, but some are saying that's not enough.

BYU's internal investigation of itself conveniently found no "evidence" a white fan accused of "racial heckling" called a Duke volleyball player the N-word.

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe spoke out about a racist fan calling Duke's Black volleyball players the N-word, but he didn't call it "racist."

The late great Martin Luther King Jr. had an opinion on use of the N-Word, which was recently revealed in a letter up at auction for $95,000.

Martin County School District in Florida is investigating a photo at Hidden Oaks Middle School where white students spelled out the N-word as anti-CRT state Republicans are silent about it.