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On February 27 of this year, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was brutally murdered by self-styled neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman as he walked to his father’s home.  When Martin took his last breath and his spirit left this earth, a piece of his mother’s soul went with him.

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The tragedy of Martin’s untimely and senseless death will forever haunt his mother, Sybrina Fulton (pictured), and this Mother’s Day, she will be without her beloved son.

Still, the unfortunate Martin murder has inspired a campaign, For Sybrina Project, that will hopefully allow Fulton to feel an outpouring of love and support on Mother’s Day.

Huffington Post BlackVoices has partnered with writer and activist Michaela Angela Davis for the Sybrina Project.  Davis, is best known for her controversial stance against hiring a White fashion director at ESSENCE magazine a couple of years ago.  Now Davis is making a heartfelt plea, asking that folks show their love and support to Fulton, so that she does not feel alone on the day that Mother’s everywhere are celebrated.

The public can honor Fulton this Mother’s Day with words of encouragement, poems, photographs, and drawings. To contribute to the For Sybrina Project, send your cards:

Submissions will be shared on the For Sybrina Tumblr site.  The contributions that stand out the most will be placed in a photo book that will be sent directly to Fulton.

For further information about the For Sybrina Project labor of love, check out the video below: