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The ugly war of the Sanders continues, and this time, the Colin County Texas police arrested Pilar for allegedly attacking her estranged husband, Deion, in their home on Monday afternoon, reports TMZ.

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The dueling divorcing couple have been viciously going at it for months.  There has been mud-slinging by both parties, with Pilar accusing her Hall of Famer former NFL hubby of being a narcissistic bully who cheated on her every time the wind blew.  The former model also slapped Deion with charges of being unkind, immoral, corrupt, insensitive and abusing her and their three children physically. Not surprisingly, Pilar is asking a judge to dispose of their prenuptial agreement and award her Deion’s money because she claims to have signed the document under duress. Deion, on the other hand, has referred to his wife as a fame-chasing gold digger and an adulterous floozie.

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And now the allegations have taken an especially bizarre twist: Deion claims that Pilar and a friend jumped him in his bedroom while two of his sons witnessed the entire incident.

Up until this dispute, the couple, who have been married 12 years, were still living in their 30,000 square foot, $21-million mega mansion in Proper, Texas, that was featured on their now-defunct reality show, “Prime Time Love.”

Deion tweeted a picture of his sons filling out a police report against Pilar along with a few sentences about the alleged altercation between he and his estranged wife to his 378,106 followers:


 filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth.

UPDATE 4/24/12, 4:30 p.m.: Pilar was released from prison Tuesday afternoon, and now she is reportedly banned from her Prosper, Texas, residence for the next 60 days. The judge issued an emergency protective order and reportedly forbid her from harassing or threatening any family members.

Still undone, Pilar told the press:

“I am innocent. I understand that I have a very little chance at beating a Hall of Fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. I am a full-time Mom 100 percent for my children and I have just not gotten a fair shake.”


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