Former NFL player Deion Sanders (pictured left) just won his own personal Super Bowl, after being awarded primary custody of two of his three children on Tuesday over his soon-to-be ex, Pilar (pictured), reports The Dallas Morning News. RELATED: Pilar And Deion Sanders Back In Court Battling For Child Custody Out of the 12 Collin County, […]

Pilar and Deion Sanders are at war again, and this time, the dueling duo are in court for custody of their three children, reports NBC 5 News. RELATED: Pilar Sanders Forced To Leave Home After Gas, Lights Shut Off Due To Non-Payment? This week, Collin County, Texas, courtroom jurors will determine which parent will choose the primary residence of all […]

Pilar Sanders’ (pictured), the estranged wife of former gridiron great Deion, efforts to try to make ends meet are reportedly not cutting it. The fashionable ex-reality star has allegedly had her lights and gas turned off due to non-payment so she was forced to move out of her home, according to RumorFix. SEE ALSO: Robin […]

Since the scuffle between former NFL great Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar last month, authorities are still attempting to sift through the he-said, she-said in the case. Now Prosper, Texas, police are considering bringing a new charge against Deion for allegedly tampering with Pilar’s phone — something they missed when they did the […]

The ugly war of the Sanders continues, and this time, the Colin County Texas police arrested Pilar for allegedly attacking her estranged husband, Deion, in their home on Monday afternoon, reports TMZ. RELATED: Pilar Sues Deion For $200 Million?! The dueling divorcing couple have been viciously going at it for months.  There has been mud-slinging by […]

Sick of living with his estranged wife at his Dallas, Texas, residence, Deion Sanders filed papers last week to have Pilar thrown out of their home, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: Halle’s Stalker Sentenced To 386 Days In Jail From Deion’s perspective, his home is his “separate property,” property that he owns independently from Pilar. […]

The ‘War of the Sanders’ is on and poppin’!  First Deion accused his wife, Pilar, of being an adulterous hussie and a fame-chasing gold digger.  Now Pilar just filed court papers in Texas that blast her soon-to-be-ex with some pretty serious accusations, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: New Reality TV Show: “Motor City Wives” The dueling […]

The circus surrounding dueling couple Deion Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Pilar, is spinning out of control.  In the latest development, Pilar’s lawyer, Larry Friedman, gave an interview to ABCNews Monday night and Sanders’ daughter vented on Twitter: SEE ALSO: What To Watch On TV This Winter She is heartbroken about the current situation, and […]