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Those who have overcome adversity to reach their goals often say there is nothing that can stop them but themselves.

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Cameroon-born designer Mason Ewing seems to have taken those words seriously. The 30-year-old fashion sensation was brutally attacked by relatives at age 15, living him blind according to the Daily Mail.

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But he was determined to realize his dream of becoming a top fashion designer. Able to see “vague shapes and colors,” Ewing has been able to design clothing by describing his ideas to a team of artists. Ewing says his sense of touch allows him to “feel his creations” and allows him to distinguish between fabrics.

The budding fashion sensation says his childhood memories of his time in Cameroon are of his mother working on her sewing machine. When both of his parents died, Ewing was sent to Paris to stay with relatives. It was in this world famous city where his love for fashion was born.

He now wants to star in his own television show. If Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could reach the highest levels of the music game, why can’t Ewing do the same in the fashion world?

Watch the YouTube video story of this ambitious brotha below.


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