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A Chicago-area Black man has been charged with a hate crime for beating a white victim in retaliation over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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Alton L. Hayes of Oak Park, Il. approached a 19-year-old white male walking in a neighborhood around 1 a.m. on April 17. Oak Park Police say that Hayes attacked the victim from behind, pushed him against a wall, threatening him with a tree branch. He then demanded that the victim hand over his belongings and reached into the man’s pockets.

Hayes was eventually caught by local law enforcement authorities soon after.

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The Tribune has more:

“During the course of the investigation, we learned that the crime was related to the victim’s race,” said Reynolds.

Police said the alleged offenders were black and the victim was white.

Reynolds, however, would not comment if the crime had anything to do with the Martin shooting, but Conklin said Hayes told the investigators that he was angry about the Martin shooting and decided to attack the victim because of his race.

We are sure that Trayvon’s parents would not want Black folks using reverse racism in honor of their slain son. See the Chicago Tribune for more.


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