It’s been two years since a white supremacist tragically killed 10 Black people in a Buffalo supermarket and hate crimes are still up.

A North Carolina man is accused of harassing Black drivers and his Mexican neighbors.

There is a new plan to stem hate crimes' rise.

Race Matters

Students at Denver South High School were shown a video instructing them not to call the police to report a racist hate crime.

Race Matters

A 15-year-old freshman at Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, Louisiana, was arrested Tuesday on battery and hate crime charges for throwing cotton balls at a Black student then whipping him with his belt.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

According to the Department of Justice, the woman used her SUV as her weapon of choice in two separate incidents where she tried to run over a Black boy and another girl, claiming they "didn't belong."

This year has been marked by a global pandemic, but another public health crisis has also been growing behind the scenes: people being charged with racially motivated and hate crimes.

Brad and Angela Farse had lived there for 23 years.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are babbling about a new study on race.

The reigning queen of anti-Blackness got shamed with her own words.

Despite what’s evident to many people, the attorney representing Austin Shuffield claims that there’s no proof that racism played a role in his client’s attack of a 24-year-old Black woman.

Candace Owens, the woman who said Hitler just wanted to "make Germany great," was scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.