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Gem trader Kurt Kaiser was having a bad day on April 17 when he met a nice-looking lady at the bar. But what he didn’t know was that the woman, Erika Cooper, was a conniving hooker looking for a John to take advantage of, the Daily Mail reports.

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Kaiser met the woman at the Whiskey Bar in midtown Manhattan on April 17 and suggested that they get a room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

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The Daily Mail has more:

Kaiser told the paper that before they got to the room, they stopped at a CVS store where she used his credit card to purchase a $500 gift card and a box of condoms.

Then they went off to the Cosmopolitan, where they sealed the deal and had sex. Unfortunately for Kaiser, he fell asleep first.

Cooper grabbed his briefcase full of uncut diamonds, the certification documents, his passport, watch and sunglasses.

‘It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life,’ he said.

You think?

The New York City Police Department want to charge Cooper with grand larceny, but they won’t charge Kaiser for paying to get his jewels polished.

Go to the Daily Mail for the rest of the story.


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