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The dueling Iversons are at it, yet again!  NBA star Allen Iverson and his estranged wife, Tawanna, who have been battling throughout their divorce proceedings, are entangled in an even more heated war of the words.  Tawanna is now demanding a restraining order against her husband, whom she is referring to as having demonstrated “threatening” behaviors that are “increasingly contemptuous and disturbing” in recent months,” according to Fox Sports.

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Tawanna’s demand comes on the heels of an announcement that her husband could be playing for a basketball team in China.  Allen, who is on a two-week NBA legends promotions tour in China alongside former greats, such as Stephon Marbury, Shawn Kemp, Clyde Drexler, and Dennis Rodman, was asked a few days ago if he would consider playing in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) next season and he responded, “Why not!”

Allen and Tawanna, who were high school sweethearts, were married in 2001 and have five children.  Allen has had more than his fair share of bum luck over recent years, with bouts of alcohol and gambling problems.  Allen has even been banned from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City for his boorish behaviors.

Meanwhile, the couple’s rocky relationship has been one of musical chairs.   Tawanna threatened to end their union two years ago, but they managed — at the time — to work through it. Earlier in April, though, Tawanna pulled a new one out of the hat and asked the courts to demand that Allen not only turn over all of his financial records that are related to his spending habits but also pull out  a detailed list of all of the women that he slept with or had intimate contact with throughout their marriage.

And Allen’s problems don’t stop there.

Allen and his financial woes has been fodder for the press.  In January, a judge ordered his wages to be garnished for a nearly $860,000 debt to a jeweler.  The former 76er’s spending habits have been out-of-control for a number of years, and last December, it was made public that Tawanna filed papers saying she is unable to pay the bills or provide for the couple’s five children.

And so the Iverson ‘s saga continues, will the judge grant Tawanna’s request…stay tuned.


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