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Just in time for his bout against Miguel Cotto (pictured right), Floyd Mayweather (pictured) was seen withdrawing millions of dollars and then — in true Mayweather style — posing with it. If you know anything about “Money” Mayweather, then you know his latest antics are par for the course.

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On Friday, TMZ caught Floyd Mayweather going in to a Las Vegas Bank of America. When he came out, he had $2 million in cash, and of course, he had to take a picture of it.

See why TMZ calls Mayweather a “D-Bagger” (translation: douche bag) here:

Always his own best promoter, Mayweather took the photo before his weigh-in with Cotto, who sports analyst rule as the 8-1 underdog in the super-welterweight bout. Mayweather is undefeated with a record of 42 wins and 26 knockouts. Cotto’s record isn’t shabby either with 37 wins, 2 losses, and 30 knockouts.

With major prize fights, such as this, HBO Sports covers boxing stars’ lives leading up to a prize fight with their award-winning show “24-7.” Part of the show’s success comes from chronicling Mayweather’s equally flashy and tumultuous lifestyle. Mayweather’s penchant for trash-talking is legendary, and he’s used his “gift” to  involuntarily drag past fighters, such as Victor Ortiz and Shane Mosley, in to verbal spars.

Admirably, Cotto has resisted Mayweather’s many barbs and has remained a stoic and quiet contender in the days leading up to the match, making this “24-7” the calmest of all of Mayweather’s most-recent fights. Things got riled up, though, when an episode revealed that Cotto sleeps with his “manager” and best friend Bryan Perez when his wife is out of town.

Watch Cotto getting out of bed with Bryan at 19:44 and then grabbing his butt:

Seemingly undeterred by all of the buzz that particular episode unleashed — with Mayweather quipping, “Does his wife know about that?” Cotto said at the weigh-in for the fight Friday afternoon:

“[Mayweather] never faced anyone like me — that’s why he’s undefeated. I’m here to fight. If he wants to run, I’m ready for that. If he wants to face me, I’m ready for that. I’m ready for everything.”

This fight promises to be a must-see.

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