Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III weren’t the only ones fighting at their heated exhibition event Sunday. 

The boxer talks about parenthood along with a video of his son.


Iyanna "Yaya" Mayweather was arrested in Texas for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly stabbing a woman who was with rapper NBA Youngboy.

Floyd Mayweather's uncle Roger Mayweather died Tuesday at the age of 58. The former boxing champion was a legend in the ring.

Josie Harris, who was Mayweather's longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, was found dead in her car at her home in California.

The boxer has been defending 45's craziness for months.

Floyd Mayweather defends Trump’s taped comments in which he brags about sexually assaulting women. He thinks Trump is a "real man."


President Donald Trump has signed a resolution condemning white supremacy into law, claiming zero tolerance for bigotry.

Amanda Seales meant it when she said she holds her tongue for no one. The comedienne is known for her woke social media commentary and on Monday, she made a bold statement, going against the court of public opinion. She took to Instagram to call out fans for supporting Floyd Mayweather, who she says is […]


Floyd Mayweather came out victorious in the highly anticipated bout against mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor on Saturday in Las Vegas.

After the highly anticipated bout, Mayweather says he will retire for good.