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Ten White supremacists from a Florida branch of the hate group American Front were arrested for conspiring to excite racial violence, the Daily Mail reports.

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The racists were training with AK-47’s, stockpiling weapons and allegedly planning to manufacture ricin, a substance the U.S. government considers a weapon of mass destruction.

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In an effort to recruit more members, the group planned to cause a “disturbance” at Orlando City Hall. The leaders’, Marcus and Patricia Faella, hosted the training at their “Aryan Compound” in Oscela County.

The Daily Mail has more:

According to court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, the St Cloud chapter of American Front, deemed a ‘racist skinhead group’ by the Anti-Defamation League, made a base at the secluded home of leaders Marcus and Patricia Faella.

On the Faella’s ‘Aryan Compound’ in rural Osceola County, five miles from the nearest paved road, the white supremacists trained with AK-47s and other weapons during ‘mandatory’ practice sessions.

Marcus Faella allegedly told his followers to picture the heads of black people as they fired at targets.

Last summer, a member of the US National Guard, who was in a Missouri chapter of American Front, visited the group in Florida for hand-to-hand combat training and instruction on fighting with knives, the Sentinel reported.

Faella believed there was an inevitable race war coming and he saw American Front as being the protectors of the ‘white race.’ And he wanted to be ready.

He fortified his compound with railroad timbers, cement pilings and barbed wire. He cut gun-ports in the sides of his trailer so he and others stick their rifles through. He and the other members stockpiled weapons and ammunition and military MREs — ‘meals ready-to-eat.’

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