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A Los Angeles pastor said that giving women the right to vote was America’s greatest mistake, the Daily Mail reports.

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Rev. Jesse Lee Paterson, an African-American Tea Party advocate, made his stupid-headed remakes during a sermon, if you want to call it that, back in March. But his comments are getting more attention as of late. The sexist pastor was a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last week when another guest, Kirsten Powers, called him out for his views on women’s rights.

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When Powers took Paterson to task on his sermon, he tried backtracking from his remarks. Paterson deflected her criticism of his speech by bring up off-topic issues of feminism and “liberal women.” When Powers noted that he specifically spoke about women in general in his speech, Paterson continued to deflect her questions.

WATCH Kirsten Powers Take On Paterson About His Sexist Sermon Below!

His 12-minutes of ignorance titled, “How most women are building a shameless society,” outlines how he feels women are incapable of handling real power and how God gave men “real authority.” Moreover, Paterson says that, when men were in power in the past, “things were more solid.”

WATCH Peterson’s Sexist Sermon Here

Paterson is not a stranger to controversy for his views. He recently said that Blacks should be put on the plantation so they can better understand the values of hard work. And President Obama, according to his logic, was elected to the Oval Office in 2008 by Black racists and guilty White people.

Yeah, this man is the ultimate Uncle Tom Negro!


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