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As previously reported by Newsone, Jamaican superstar track hero Usain Bolt, has drawn intense criticism in the last month after a picture of him kissing his White, Slovakian girlfriend, Lubica Slovak, surfaced in local newspaper the Jamaican Observer. Now, after being together for six months, the hot couple have allegedly called it quits, reports the Jamaica Star.

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Readers responded to the “kiss heard ’round the world,” with scathing remarks, suggesting that Bolt was sell-out:

‘Another one of our men snatched.’

‘Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny.’

‘These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.’

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“[Usain] opted to focus his energies on creating new records on the track,” said sources close to the athlete. “[He] is competing at the 2012 Olympics in the United Kingdom this summer and cannot afford any distraction at this time.”

Speculation is rampant that the real reason is a renewed romance with first love, Mixicann Evans (pictured right), who was seen with Bolt’s parents at a National Meet in Kingston, Jamaica last Saturday, reports the Star.

“She remains a close friend of the family, and they (Usain and Mizicann) are in constant touch,” said a friend of Bolt.

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