A Jamaican investment firm is under investigation after millions of dollars turned up missing from retired sprinter Usain Bolt's account.

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt says the young track & field star should let her feet do the talking instead of her mouth, especially when betting against the proud people in his home country.


President Donald Trump was met with criticism again when he claimed Tuesday that Usain Bolt "showed respect" for the anthem during an interview.


Rose believes that the rape accusations caused indelible harm to his image.

Ellen DeGeneres is never usually on the public's bad side, but on Tuesday, the comedian felt the wrath of social media.


Black athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics show off their beautiful bodies.

In the frenzied days since Dominique Dawes, the first African-American gymnast to win a gold medal in Olympics history, cried a river of deep emotion over the record-shattering wins of 16-year-old Gabrielle Douglas at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the conversation in America — specifically in Black America — has entered interesting territory. For many, […]


Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (pictured) has more than backed up his “Fastest Man In The World” moniker during competition. A world record holder in multiple sprinting events, Bolt has etched his name in the annals of sporting legends. But there’s more to him than just the incredibly gifted feet supporting his 6’5″ frame. Check out 10 […]


As previously reported by Newsone, Jamaican superstar track hero Usain Bolt, has drawn intense criticism in the last month after a picture of him kissing his White, Slovakian girlfriend, Lubica Slovak, surfaced in local newspaper the Jamaican Observer. Now, after being together for six months, the hot couple have allegedly called it quits, reports the […]

Usain Bolt (pictured) is known as Jamaica’s premier World- and- Olympic-winning sprinter. A national hero, Bolt has recently gained a boatload of criticism, though, due to his recent relationship to White, Slovakian-born girlfriend Lubica Slovak. SEE ALSO: Beyonce’s Award Draws Fire While Bolt has already been dating Slovak for a year, the ish literally hit […]

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt stunned spectators today at the 2011 Track and Field World Championships, clocking in the fourth-fastest time ever in the 200m (19.40), reports USA Today. Bolt’s performance comes nearly a week after he was disqualified from the 100m final, a race in which he holds the world record. His time was the […]