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We’ve all seen people texting while ordering food, driving, and during other activities that can potentially cause an accident.

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Not to mention, it’s pretty rude. But one small town in New Jersey is fining an average of 117 people per month $85 tickets for texting while walking, the Daily Mail reports.

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Cops in Fort Lee, New Jersey have been very aggressive with issuing tickets because they feel the activity puts lives at risk. Police officials point to 20 pedestrians hit by cars in the past year because they were looking down at their phones instead of paying attention to the streets they were crossing.


The Daily News has more:

While Fort Lee police have clarified their position to only giving tickets to pedestrians who ignore traffic signs or jaywalk because of their phones, walking along the sidewalk is still acceptable.

Police said that before they put their foot down and started dishing out the tickets for text-walking, they handed out fliers warning of the dangers.

‘These measures are to remind the pedestrians to be aware not to be on their cell phones and texting.’

What do you think about Fort Lee’s text-walking fines? Do you (A) feel that such fines are fair? (B) agree that text-walking is dangerous and (C) want such fines to be issued by cops in your city?

Let us know what you think?


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