For "good actors" to reach voters effectively, they need clear and consistent information about how to comply with the new 10DLC policies.


A new law banning texting-while-walking in Honolulu, Hawaii, takes effect in October.

Taraji P. Henson Says She Was Scared To Play ‘Empire’s’ Cookie Lyon Taraji P. Henson reveals why she was afraid to play Empire’s Cookie Lyon in a recent interview. Henson told TheWrap, “I struggled with it because I was like, ‘Oh, my God. She is so ghetto.’ But then I was like, ‘But she’s so […]

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Sexting isn’t only for fresh 20-somethings  and frisky politicians. It’s also popular with regular grown folk — even the the 50-plus set — and married people who want to spice up their relationships. On NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, Dr. Rachel Ross explained why it’s good for keeping the fires lit: “If you’re sexting throughout the day it kind of sets the […]


We’ve all seen people texting while ordering food, driving, and during other activities that can potentially cause an accident. SEE ALSO: Phoenix-area Man Hits $1 Million Jackpot 6 Times Not to mention, it’s pretty rude. But one small town in New Jersey is fining an average of 117 people per month $85 tickets for texting […]