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Actress, singer, spokesmodel, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire Queen Latifah held court on Saturday among a sea of gay and lesbian attendees at the 29th annual Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival in Long Beach, Calif., according to EurWeb.

As the 4th largest gay pride celebration in the country, the Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride event takes place every year and draws tens of thousands of folks from all over.

When Latifah took the stage, she sang memorable hits, such as U.N.I.T.Y. and “Ladies First.”  She reportedly was full of energy, vibrancy, and echoed positive verses as “conquer hate with love.”

The oft-gossiped-about performer, who has been haunted by years of whispers about her cloaked sexuality, said, “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time,” and then added that she was proud to be among “her people.”

Watch video of Queen Latifah’s appearance at the gay parade:

Even though the multi-gifted Queen treated her LGBT subjects to a slew of songs, rants, and a few bumps and grinds, mum’s STILL the word on Latifah’s sexual orientation.