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The latest development of crooner Usher Raymond‘s volatile custody trial is that the entertainer was brought to tears on Monday, when he was accused by ex-wife Tameka Foster of loving partying more than his children, reports TMZ.

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Foster’s legal team cut into the award-winning performer on the witness stand for hours, forcing him to answer a barrage of questions.  At one point, a lawyer produced a photograph of Usher partying in Europe last February.  The opposition’s attorneys’, who were trying to prove that Usher would rather go buck wild and live a party life than to care for his children, insinuating that the 33-year-old is an unfit parent caused Usher to break down (pictured).

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Watch Usher’s day in court here:

Foster is fighting Usher for full custody of their two young boys.  He, in turn, is demanding more custodial time with his children. While the couple was only married for two years and were officially divorced by 2009, their custody battle has raged on.

Usher was also grilled regarding his alleged drug use, which he claims has only been marijuana.  When Foster’s lawyers tried to allege that Usher’s drug of choice was ecstasy, his legal team put an end to that line of questioning.

Usher’s and Tameka’s vicious courtroom custody battle has been fodder for the media.  Just a couple of days ago, Usher put Tameka on blast, alleging that when he brought a girlfriend into her subdivision, Tameka went outside to his car and attempted to beat the woman up.  According to Usher, Tameka also allegedly spat on his date several times, struck him, and threw a plate of food at his car.

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