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Racist website, coined the insulting nicknames “Lil Skittles” and “Traycoon” for slain 17-year-old teen Trayvon Martin and has a forum “dedicated” to him under the website’s banner (pictured left).


NewsOne’s Coverage Of Trayvon Martin’s Murder

Black Football Star Killed By Racist Hispanic Gang May Receive Death Penalty

The site lists its purpose, rules and regulations as follows:

The site, dedicated to human membership only site dedicated to telling the truth about niggers and to educate humans about them. Relax, enjoy and have fun while following these necessary rules.

#1 ChimpMania is for bashing: (1) niggers, (2) traitorous coal burners and oil drillers; and (3) nigger lovers— ONLY!!! There will be NO bashing of humans and/or religions allowed.

#2 Promotion of violence, threats and/or illegal acts is NOT allowed. Please report any violations of such by clicking the Report Post icon of the post.

#3 Promotion of violence, threats and/or illegal acts directed towards the HNIC, FT and/or the “first fambly” is NOT allowed and will result in an instant and permanent ban. Please note that this is also a federal felony with potential major legal consequences for the poster.

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In addition to the above ignorance and hatred, various members have posted images of Trayvon burning in hell. Two members even had a competition to see which one was “better,” with a voter responding, “I like his better… I like to see the nigger in pain!”

The more you post on the site, your rank increases, ranging from ‘Veterinarian,’ ‘Prison Warden,’ ‘Zoo Guide,’ and ‘Head Zoo Curator.’

Avatars of nooses, slogans such as “Once you go black, you’re a single mom,” and “Do not feed the chimps” litter the website like the filth it is.

One member even has this to say about the coverage of Trayvon in Black media:

The nigger-loving libtards are going wild. Huffington-Puffington Post creates an ENTIRE SECTION dedicated to this good little jig:

My take, just another useless nigger that got what it deserved, yet the law abiding citizen has already been tried and found guilty by the filthy black masses, just because the fruit of his labor happens to be a greasy-ass koon. Just wait until the grand jury finds this hero innocent. Let the games begin!!!

See below for a few of the images found on the website. There are even more insensitive, racist proudly displayed on the site that I have chosen not to show.

Normally, I wouldn’t give this kind of racist, backwoods garbage the time of the day, but I do so today to shatter any rose-hued beliefs that race does not lie at the heart of this case. In a piece titled “George Zimmerman’s Long, Lonely War Against Black Youth Doing Things”’s Adam Weinstein and Matt DeLuca show how George Zimmerman is a perfect fit for his brethren at this embarrassment of a site:


In August 2011, he called to report a black male in a tank top and shorts acting suspicious near the development’s back entrance. “[Complainant] believes [subject] is involved in recent S-21s”—break-ins—”in the neighborhood,” the call log states. The suspect, Zimmerman told the dispatcher, fit a recent description given out by law enforcement officers.

Three days later, he called to report two black teens in the same area, for the same reason. “[Juveniles] are the subjs who have been [burglarizing] in this area,” he told the dispatcher.

From DeLuca:

On April 22, 2011, Zimmerman called to report a black male about “7-9” years old, four feet tall, with a “skinny build” and short black hair. There is no indication in the police report of the reason for Zimmerman’s suspicion of the boy.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Zimmerman called 911 dozens of times in the months before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Each time it was to report a suspicion, Black male.

What sites such as these expose is that Zimmerman is far from an anomaly. Ugly, bitter, murderous racism is still pervasive in the United States. From the lowliest dregs of society, like these 2nd grade dropouts who probably have no power so they bask in their “whiteness” all day, to organizations like Sanford Police Department, that drug tested an innocent Black child while he was dead on the ground and let his killer go free for 45 days, to states like Georgia, who clearly had reasonable doubt in the case of Troy Davis, to the state of Alabama, who has kept Rodney Stanberry imprisoned even in the face of mounds of evidence proving his innocence.

If we, as Black Americans do not stand up for ourselves in the face of such top to bottom racism, how can we ever hope for respect? If we smile in the face of such malicious, overt prejudice, how can we ever have peace within our communities? If we can not call racism a legitimate motive for murder even when it’s not stated in black/white, then we’ve lost before we’ve begun. We can pull the weeds all day, if we don’t kill the root, they just keep growing back. We have to be willing to stand up and expose these roaches to the light of day.

Trayvon’s family deserves it; we all do.


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