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Hollywood “it” couple actress Paula Patton and crooner Robin Thicke (pictured) have settled their score with Uncle Sam.  The power pair are no longer in the red and have finally paid off the whopping nearly $500,000 tax lien that they owed to the feds, reports TMZ.

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A rep for the sexy sweethearts told TMZ that both Patton and Thicke have been working hard in order to satisfy the December 2011 lien, which was held against their lavish L.A. digs.

Patton, 36, recently co-starred in the blockbuster hit “Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol” alongside Tom Cruise, while Thicke, whose music has been referred to as “blue-eyed soul,” is promoting his latest album “Love After War.”

The couple, who have a toddler son, met and fell in love when they were in high school and “wearing Cross Colours.”  Patton has admitted that when they began dating, she hid Thicke from all of her friends because he was White and didn’t want to be judged.  Ironically, Patton is half-white.

Now the lovers are inseparable and have landed a television commercial with the makers of Rémy Martin spirits that will have them heating up the small screen together, according to the New York Post.

In the commercial, Thicke pursues Patton, who is dressed in a flowy Versace gown, as she makes her way through a lavish party.  Thicke then climbs a staircase with two glasses of the liquor in each hand as he gazes at his beautiful wife and signals with his eyes to follow him. The couple then meet on the roof and. . .well, we’ll leave the rest of the hot scenario to your vivid imaginations.