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This weekend, the 911 calls were released in the brutal attack of Ronald Poppo by face-eater Rudy Eugene. While it is clear that no one attempted to stop Eugene during his attack of the old homeless man, three drivers did indeed make emergency calls, and a former professional boxer spoke with the media about how he knocked the vicious attacker out, after a dispute at a store.

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An unnamed bus driver was the first one to make the call about the unbelievable attack that was taking place on the causeway. She said, “Listen there is a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway. I’m a bus driver, I pulled over because I saw what happened. It’s a naked man beating another man on MacArthur Causeway…. He’s going to kill that man. I promise you.”

Moments later, another driver called in to explain the unexplainable:

“I’m just reporting a naked man in front of the Miami Herald Building next to the highway…. Can’t miss him, he’s naked!”

Then a third called in, saying that the two were so busy fighting, they almost knocked over an old lady who was riding her bike, “There’s two bums going at it with each other, taking over the whole lane. I think they’re fighting. They almost knocked over an old lady who was biking by.”

Listen to the 911 calls here:

Since the near-fatal attack, people who knew both Eugene and Poppo have provided a lens in to the lives of both men. The latest is former professional boxer Melton Bowen, who says he knew Eugene and their last encounter wasn’t a pleasant one. The two allegedly got in to an argument over music at Miami’s 7th Ave. Flea Market. According to Bowen, when Eugene tried to step to him, he knocked him out cold with one jab.

Earlier in the week, Eugene’s mother and ex-wife spoke up about the man that will forever be tied to grisly infamy. Ruth Charles, Eugene’s mother, told reporters that she doesn’t believe that her son committed that crime sober; to Charles, someone had to have drugged him. Charles’ account is severely compromised, though, because of the newly leaked information that Eugene reportedly attempted to kill her and was tasered by police a few years ago.

Eugene’s ex-wife, Jenny Ductant, also had a violent experience with Eugene. She told reporters that the reason they were only married for 18 months was because she feared for her life, “I wouldn’t say he had [a] mental problem, but he always felt like people was against him type of attitude. No one was for him, everyone was against him.”

While Poppo remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, investigators are trying to determine who released photos of Poppo’s disfigured face to the public.

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