Jackson Memorial Hospital has released two pictures of Ronald Poppo, 65, to the public. Poppo, the victim of 31-year-old Rudy Eugene‘s vicious cannibal attack in Miami last month, is recovering well after 3 surgeries but battling infection, said plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira. While the lower half of Poppo’s face is intact, approximately 50 percent […]


The autopsy of Rudy Eugene, 31, the Miami cannibal who was shot and killed by police after he was discovered eating the face of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, did not have human flesh in his stomach, reports the Miami Herald. RELATED: Naked Man Shot Dead By Cops While Eating Man’s Face Florida Cannibal Attack Blamed on […]

Janice Poppo DiBello (pictured left), is shocked to find out that the vagrant whose entire face was practically eaten away by a crazed cannibal on May 26th, Ronald Poppo, is in fact the dad who had abandoned her as a toddler, reports CBS News. RELATED: So Sad! Homeless Advocates Reached Out To Ronald Poppo Days Before […]

New evidence has come to light that a homeless advocate organization tried to reach out to Ronald Poppo (pictured), the 65-year-old victim whose face was savagely cannibalized by a crazed Rudy Eugene on May 26, before he was actually attacked, reports The Daily Beast. RELATED: Miami Cannibal 911 Calls Released According to the head of the […]

This weekend, the 911 calls were released in the brutal attack of Ronald Poppo by face-eater Rudy Eugene. While it is clear that no one attempted to stop Eugene during his attack of the old homeless man, three drivers did indeed make emergency calls, and a former professional boxer spoke with the media about how […]

The family of the “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene (pictured left), who viciously ripped off and ate pieces of Ronald Poppo’s (pictured right) face in a savage and unprovoked attack on May 26, have now come forward to speak out about how unbelievable his crime was and how he had to have been drugged by someone in order to commit […]

Ronald Poppo (pictured left in his high school yearbook), the homeless man whose face was devoured by a crazed Rudy Eugene (pictured below left) for no apparent reason on May 26 near a heavily traveled Miami highway ramp, will be permanently disfigured and will also require months of facial reconstruction, reports CBS News. RELATED: New […]