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In a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, Nene Leakes of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ accused the ‘Basketball Wives’ of being unprofessional and out of control, reports Sister2Sister Magazine.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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“The truth is the truth. It has just gone too far. Too many fights, my God!” said NeNe. “[RHOA] don’t do that. We definitely have had our verbal fights, but never physical fights. I can’t believe the fighting and the bullying. It looks bad. It really looks bad.”

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According to S2S, Leakes is close friends with BBWs’ Jennifer Williams, who has been the target of excessive bullying by ex-BFF Evelyn Lozada. In addition to it being a bad look, according to Leakes, it’s just plain bad business sense:

“They can’t want to do too much in their careers. A good ole argument, everybody likes that every now and then to tune into, but you couldn’t be trying to have too much in your career because that stuff, it don’t work. You can’t represent a product and be that way. That just doesn’t work.”

Leakes reiterates that drama is good for ratings but there has to be a line and — regardless of cameras — there has to be personal growth.

“You gotta have drama and entertainment, but some of the stuff has driven me insane. I do really think that it’s personal growth. It’s almost like being in a relationship and you’re like, ‘I done taken all I can take and I can’t take no more,’” she said.

Leakes knows a lot about drama — and the money to be made from encouraging it. She brings in a whopping $1,000,000 per season for her continued role in the cat-fighting, back-stabbing antics 0f the “Talls vs. Smalls.”

As previously reported by Newsone, it was ironically her “Celebrity Apprentice” nemesis Star Jones who spearheaded the backlash against the Basketball Wives because of their outlandish behavior.

Both Neakes and Jones took their petty, vicious feud and stretched it as far and as long as it would go in the media. But if pointing at the next group of women and saying, ‘Well, at least we’re not that bad,’ helps them sleep better at night, then more power to them.