Singer Rihanna (pictured left) is being featured in a new raunchy TV spot dressed in risque underwear and while she sexily writhes around in a bed. Nothing wrong with that, except, The Sun is reporting that the taut torso and booty that appears during the ad does not belong to Rihanna. In fact, they claim that the body is of an Irish model named Jahnassa Aicken (pictured below).  Now the pop singer is fuming mad, saying that the reports of a body double are completely false, according to Vh1 News.

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The Bajan artist took out her anger and frustration on Monday about The Sun’s allegations via her Twitter account:


Ok @thesunnewspaper , this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F**K YOU….AND yo baggy ass condom

Watch the Armani commercial here:

Even though the 24-year-old is known for her bangin’ body, according to The Sun, Aicken is the actual model who received the close-up booty shots.  The paper also claims that Rihanna’s management forbade her to discuss the body double agreement that she reportedly signed.

A source revealed to The Sun that “Jahnassa’s torso, body, and bum appear in parts of the ad.”  The source went on to state, “It’s shocking Rihanna wanted one, considering she loves posing with no clothes, plus she’s in great shape.”

Rihanna on the other hand swears that she has never even heard of Aicken:


Who is Jahnassa

Aicken, who is signed with the Style Academy Model Agency, is said to have received a modest sum for the alleged close-up shots of her derriere (pictured left). The Sun also alleges that the Euro model was cherry picked from a crowd of people to be used as a stand-in by Rihanna’s handlers during the filming of the singer’s “We Found Love” video whose locale was on the emerald isle of Ireland.

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