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Buying a gift for the Dad in your life for Father’s Day can be a stressful affair for even the most thoughtful person, and depending on the guy in question, it may be nearly impossible to pick the best gift that matches his personality. NewsOne is here to take some of the pressure off shoppers in offering a quick Father’s Day gift guide to help you along the way before your dad’s big day this coming Sunday.

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Stolen Outfitters “Proud Dad” T-Shirt

If your dad is into casual fashion, the “Proud Dad” T-shirt from the good folks at Stolen Outfitters and the Proud Unit Series line is a fine choice. Available in an array of colors, the shirt is a bold statement of pride for fathers young and old.

Goodwood and The Good Life Wooden Dominoes Table Set

With Father’s Day occurring in the summer, cookouts and family gatherings call for group games that involve more than two guys sweating over video game controllers. New York-based Goodwood has teamed up with The Good Life design team for a classy hand-carved wooden domino table set. With four cup holders on the table to hold Dad and his buddies’ drinks, the table also doubles as a chess and checkerboard too.

Grooming Lounge Ebony Shaving Kit

As Dads get older, some like to smooth out their situation by shaving down the stubble on their face. The Ebony Shaving Kit from the folks at Grooming Lounge will not only look good on your father’s bathroom sink, but will have him looking fresh-faced as well.

Broookstone Automatic Tie Rack

Watching dad fumble through his closet and dresser for a matching tie and belt for his work or church outfit can be a chore, especially if he isn’t the most-organized guy around. Make it easier on your father by getting him Brookstone’s handy Automatic Tie Rack. Not only can it hold over fifty ties, you can also attach belts as well.

Contigo Hot/Cold Drink Travel Mugs

If you have an active Dad that’s always on the go, he most likely travels with a handy mug for his hot and cold beverages. He also undoubtedly spilled his drinks a few times as well as he hustled off to his engagements. The innovative folks at Contigo have created an array of spill proof travel mugs for both hot and cold drinks with a patented push button “Autoseal” technology that ensures Dad won’t be getting his newspaper wet in the morning.


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