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While most Dads will be celebrated by their appreciative sons, daughters, and wives this Sunday, this Father’s Day, Tracy Martin, the father of murdered Florida teen Trayvon, will be celebrating his alone. Even in his grief, though, Martin found has found the strength to send out a Father’s Day message, encouraging families who live in states with Stand Your Ground laws to protest.

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In a video released on Wednesday, Martin discusses the significance of Father’s Day, “I’m Tracy Martin. Becoming a Father is a special gift; it’s a miracle of love and an everyday reminder that life can be beautiful.” Obviously, since his son was murdered in cold blood by self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, Martin will not be able to enjoy the gifts that come along with being a proud Father.

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“But this Father’s Day will be the first without my son, Tryavon. I’ll say a prayer for all the Dads across America who share this grief with me. Last year, 30,000 Fathers lost a son or daughter from senseless gun violence.”

With perseverance and determination — highlighting the strength and tenacity the Martins have shown since they lost their child — Martin then asks Fathers everywhere who are affected by Stand Your Ground laws to call their respective governors in protest:

“Dads, we have to come together to protect our children. I’m asking you to consider to send this message to the governor of your state that has a similar Stand Your Ground laws. Ask them to review these dangerous laws. If we do, next year, thousand more Dads will have a happy Father’s Day together with their children and not the toughest one of their life without them.”

May God continue to bless the Martin family.

Watch Martin’s Father’s Day message here:

When Trayvon was first killed on February 26, it appeared that killer Zimmerman would walk away from the incident scot-free. By invoking Florida’s dubious Stand Your Ground law, Zimmerman was able to dodge being arrested. With Stand Your Ground, an individual can justifiably use deadly force if he or she is in danger.

It would take nearly a month for the news of the senseless murder to break through local media and hit national TV and radio airwaves, galvanizing a nation to its feet. With hoodie marches, town halls, and Skittle mail-ins, Black America rallied around — and continue to do so — the Martin family with the hopes that Zimmerman would be brought to justice for his crimes.

While the next bond hearing for Zimmerman is scheduled for June 29, both Zimmerman and his wife were most recently brought to task for lying at the initial bond hearing. Consequently, Zimmerman’s bail — which was hotly criticized by many — was revoked on June 1, and he is currently sitting in prison. And just this week, wife Shellie was arrested for also lying to the court. She has since been charged with perjury.

As the days and weeks turn into months, many eagerly await Zimmerman being brought to justice for cutting a young man’s life too short.

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