Consummately shutting down world-champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., Judge Melissa Saragosa denied his request to serve out the rest of his domestic violence sentence at his residence, according to the L.A. Times.

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In a 35-page document, Mayweather Jr.’s attorneys cite a number of reasons as to why their client needs to be moved from Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center to his home for house arrest. Within the request, they argue that Mayweather isn’t getting enough calories and nutrition and lacks enough space and equipment to exercise. They also claim that Mayweather was not fully aware of the conditions he would be subjected to in prison.

Unfortunately for Mayweather Jr., Judge Sarasoga was unmoved.

Effectively vanquishing the hearing that was to take place for Mayweather Jr. on Thursday in her response, Judge Sarasoga wrote that while Mayweather Jr.’s perception of prison “was inaccurate, the court finds the alleged dehydration of the defendant to be self-induced as water is made available to him 24 hours a day.”

Regarding Mayweather’s caloric intake, she also wrote, “The court further finds the estimated intake of only 800 calories per day is also self-induced as defendant chooses not to eat the food provided.” In other words, while Mayweather Jr.’s doctor maintains that the star boxer only consumes one-fifth of the calories needed to sustain his exercise regimen, the judge has decided that Mayweather Jr.’s inability to meet his dietary requirements is his fault.


Judge Saragosa was also unconvinced about Mayweather Jr.’s struggles to exercise (see Mayweather Jr.’s jail cell, right). She responded that while he obviously wouldn’t have the same training space and equipment that he is accustomed to, “he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses.”

Damn, homie!

Mayweather Jr. began his serving his sentence on June 1st, after being charged and convicted of domestic battery and harassment charges with his baby mama Josie Harris back in 2010. At the time, he and the Mother of his three children fought over a cell phone. By December of last year, Mayweather Jr. took a plea deal in the case. He was soon sentenced to 87 days behind bars segregated from the general population. Even though he took a plea deal, on HBO’s “24/7” Mayweather Jr. and his camp insinuated that he was innocent of the charges and only took the plea to further protect his children.

Mayweather is scheduled to be released from prison in August.

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