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These are troubling times for Kevin Durant (pictured left).  In the NBA finals, his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, is down 3-1 to the Miami Heat, and now he is getting sued for the use of his very own nickname, “Durantula,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

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According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Mark Durante (pictured right), an ’80s guitarist and founder of the rock-combo Public Enemy (no relation to the hip-hop group), claims that he trademarked the name “Durantula” back in 1993. The former member of the industrial rock band The Revolting Cocks, who also maintains a website that goes by the nickname in question, contends that the hoop superstar has been profiting from the famed moniker.

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Durante claims that he has warned Durant — via his lawyers — to stop using his nickname, but to no avail.

Durant’s legal camp, though, claims that the forward has not made money from the use of the name because he has not used it at all. The three-time NBA All Star also alleges that it was in fact Nike that used the moniker in conjunction with a superhero shoe campaign.

Durante, however, points out that Durant’s merchandise and Twitter account, which depicts a screenshot showing Durant using the name as a hashtag, show otherwise.

Durante is also suing Nike and Panini Authentic, which is selling photographs and basketballs with the Durantula inscription.

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