When Reginald Gefferie of Tampa, Florida (pictured) allegedly wielded a knife at his pregnant girlfriend, Junie Dieujuste, and punched her, she bit off the tip of the middle finger on his right hand in self-defense, the Miami Herald reports.

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Police say Gefferie and Dieujuste got into a verbal altercation that became physical on Monday evening. Gefferie reportedly armed himself with knife, pointed it at Dieujuste and demanded that she not leave the bathroom. He was blocking the door with his body. He then pushed and punched her with a closed hand.

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That is when Dieujuste decided to sink her teeth into her man:

According to authorities, Dieujuste fought back in self-defense, and the fight continued to the bedroom. He put a small dresser in front of the closed bedroom door, refusing to let her leave. He grabbed (her) by the neck with one hand pushing her up against the wall and punching her in the face.

Then she bit off the tip of the middle finger on his right hand. She sustained a laceration to her forehead, as well as contusions.

The pair have been together for five years and have a child together.

Gefferie was released from prison in Feb. of 2011 for a robbery conviction and has been arrested 11 times for various offenses, according to The Herald.

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