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Some members of the Black race seem to be shooting our culture, in slow, incremental steps, into the most humid annals of hell!

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Albert Roundtree, Jr‘s (pictured) video, “Booty Pop“, is the most recent example of that quantum step into the bowels of Black debauchery that should force any self-respecting Black-American to stop in their tracks and consider how long will we allow the entertainment industry to pimp the dignity out of our race.

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The video features the six-year-old Roundtree with bikini-clad women gyrating inches away from his face as he spits out sexually suggestive lyrics in a pool. Though the young boy did not utter a profanity, Roundtree certainly participated in a video that most responsible parents would find repulsive and inappropriate for a adolescent child.

Here is a rundown of the boy’s flow from the second verse in the song:

I’m the baddest boy in town, you the hottest girl around.

We can have some fun tonight, cause we both feelin’ right.

You can be my supergirl, I’m the one to rock your world.

We’ll have a cool date, partyin’ at my place.


I can make your booty pop. Booty pop. Booty pop!

I can make your booty pop. Booty pop. Booty pop!

I can make your booty pop. Booty pop. Booty pop!

I can make your booty pop. Booty pop. Booty pop!

Hardly the words that should be coming from the month of a child. However, according to reporting by the Sun Sentinel, the video’s producer, Tyler Council, said that he and boy’s parents meant for the two and a half minute clip to be satire.


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“People don’t get it,” he told the newspaper from his home on Friday.

What were we suppose to have gotten from a kindergarten-aged boy rapping about making a girl’s “booty pop” and shooting water on half-naked women shaking their breasts and rear-ends in front of him?

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According to the Sun Sentinel, Council says he was asked to produce the video at the request of Roundtree’s parents after finding his business card a local gas station. If that is true, that makes it worse because it was his parents who volunteered their son’s adolescence in exchange for a few clicks on the internet.

(The parents reportedly helped to pay for the video’s production in hopes that it will help their son secure a rap career)

So far, the YouTube video has more than 618,000 views since it was uploaded on on July 2. It has 2,109 likes and more than 13, 240 dislikes as of 8:30 p.m July 7.

What the parents do not seem to understand is that they further exacerbated the already sexualized image of Black males. This video would not have offended me if it was an 18-year-old MAN. But that a six-year-old BOY is the star of this video, allegedly sponsored by his parents, makes me want to vomit. It’s as if the parents are setting up their son to be a baby’s daddy before he hits puberty. Given that more than 50 percent of Black children are living in a household without a father, little Roundtree seems on his way to up that percentage. The little boy is innocently pushing the “hit it and quit it” attitude that has left thousands of Black kids wondering where daddy is.

I’m not the only one who thinks that the little boy’s video is an abomination. A Vibe blogger had the following to say:

I should call child protective services.

That’s the first thought that ran through my mind when a Facebook friend shared a link to a 6-year-old South Florida rapper’s video about making your ‘Booty Pop.’ In the clip Albert, the tiny youth, does his best to imitate his favorite rappers’ swag — chest out, happily bouncing along — while getting a face full of gyrating ass.

To say I’m appalled is an understatement.

As the mother of a 6-year-old black boy, I want to ask his parents what made them think such foolishness was acceptable and if they understand that their child is being abused, let alone exploited. Because while some think it’s cute to have this child acting all mannish in a pool full of half-naked women, what they’re really doing is setting him up for failure.

So true!

This video is more than a debate about Black males and the hyper-sexualization of the Black woman. It should spark a robust debate about how much is Black dignity really worth.  Is prostituting our babies worth 15 minutes of child stardom? Should our value only be measured by YouTube clicks and the potential of a record deal? I am already tired of all of these crappy “Black shows”–Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Basketball Wives–that amount to nothing more than 21st century “Step n Fetchit” productions.

If the boy’s parents did in fact support the production of this video, they need to be locked up and reported to Child Protective Services immediately! Am I being too extreme or am I on point? Sound off in the poll below.

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