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A four-year-old Detroit girl is in stable condition after accidentally shooting herself in the thigh with her father’s Glock 9 mm pistol on Sunday night, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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The shooting occurred while the girl was playing inside of her father’s SUV when she found the gun in the vehicle’s glove box and shot herself in the thigh around midnight.

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The family of the child has not made a public statement on the shooting, but the Detroit Police Department says that the owner of the gun did have a permit. They also told citizens that the department is giving away free gun locks that will hopefully help prevent the kinds of accidents that occurred this weekend.

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A woman answered the door at the girl’s home on Monday and identified herself as her aunt. When a Free Press reporter asked her why the girl was up so late, the aunt said she wouldn’t go to sleep.

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A neighbor, Kelly Segar, said she heard the shot that wounded the girl on Sunday and added that the father watches out for everyone in the community and is well-respected.

Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens says it is important that gun owners protect themselves and their children by using gun locks. “It’s important that every person who is the owner of a weapon … must keep it secured,” Stephens said.

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