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Actor Michael Clarke Duncan (pictured), who won the hearts of moviegoers everywhere for his portrayal of a gentle giant in the memorable film “The Green Mile,” is still fighting for his life after going into full cardiac arrest last Friday, reports TMZ.

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According to sources, Duncan has been on a respirator since he was admitted to the hospital but is now breathing “above the respirator,” which is a positive sign.

Doctors are also very optimistic about the condition of his heart a source tells TMZ.  Tests were administered to Duncan on Monday and the results showed that his heartbeats are “strong.”

Since Duncan has been sedated during his entire stay at the yet-unnamed Los Angeles hospital, doctors are still not sure whether his condition could result in paralysis, which is a worst case scenario.

The Academy Award-nominated actor is clearly not out of the woods yet, so doctors have no immediate plans to take him off the respirator.  The source told the news organization that “an army of people” are caring for Duncan because the city does not want to lose another high-profile celebrity.

When Duncan experienced his cardiac arrest episode, reality show villainess Omarosa Manigault saved his life by performing emergency CPR.  Omarosa was able to resuscitate her 54-year-old, 325 pound boyfriend so that the paramedics could take over, and had it not been for the actress’ heroics, Duncan could have died.

Keep on fighting, Michael!