Michael Duncan Clarke‘s sister wants the late actor’s fiance, Omarosa Manigault, investigated because she suspects the reality star tricked her brother into re-writing his will, leaving her with nothing. Judy Duncan told TMZ that she hired a lawyer to investigate the circumstances behind why Omarosa became the main beneficiary of Michael’s will. Judy claims that […]

Omarosa Stallworth (pictured left), who is best known for her villainous ways on TV reality shows, became a life-saver this past July, when she performed emergency CPR on fiance actor Michael Clarke Duncan (pictured) after he passed out during a cardiac arrest. Stallworth, who is mourning the recent loss of Duncan, now says he was the love of her […]

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan (pictured), who won the hearts of moviegoers everywhere for his portrayal of a gentle giant in the memorable film “The Green Mile,” is still fighting for his life after going into full cardiac arrest last Friday, reports TMZ. RELATED: Michael Duncan Hospitalized For Cardiac Arrest! According to sources, Duncan has been on […]

“The Green Mile” star and Academy Award-nominated Michael Clarke Duncan (pictured) is in the intensive care unit (ICU), after going in to cardiac arrest Friday morning, and his girlfriend, reality show villainess Omarosa Stallworth (pictured below), actually saved his life, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: ‘Project Runway’ For Kids Stallworth reportedly discovered that Duncan was unconscious […]