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A house party in North Jacksonville, Fla. broken up by cops on Saturday night moved from the subdivision where it began and moved to a local Walmart where a flash mob ensued, The Florida Times-Union reports.

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Video of the madness was recorded and posted on YouTube. Gunshots were reportedly fired outside of the store, no one was injured and damage was minimal.

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Walmart spokesperson Dianna Gee learned of the incident Saturday night, then spoke with the shift manager on duty. She said that Walmart employees on duty that night did what they were trained to do when such situations occur by steering clear of the madness and calling police.

WATCH YouTube Footage Of Walmart Flash Mob Below

Here is how the flash mob got started, according to the Times-Union:

It started with officers being called to the Sampson Road subdivision in the 12600 block just before 10 p.m. They radioed for help to provide crowd and traffic control, according to the police report.

As police cleared the scene, they learned a 20-year-old was at Shands Jacksonville saying he had been shot in the right leg as he was leaving the party. He told officers he heard gunshots as he reached Sampson and Percy roads, so he started running, then realized he had been shot.

He said he didn’t see a gun or anyone who could have shot him since “the crowd of people was so large,” according to the report.

The Sampson Road homeowner couldn’t be reached for comment. Neighbor Cynthia Cue said she didn’t hear any gunshots that night but heard sirens as police arrived to handle what she was told was a party mimicking the new movie, “Project X.” That film follows three high school students who throw an unforgettable party that gets way out of hand.

Most of the people in the video, who appear to be teenagers, were riding around the store on shopping carts, throwing produce and mugging for the camera.

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No one has been arrested in connection to the incident, but the local Sheriff’s Office says that investigations into both incidents are “active and ongoing.”