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Politically-minded rapper Jasiri X has teamed with NewsOne’s own Elon James White to create a new music video that gives young people of color the “#10 Frisk Commandments,” advice to live by in the current era of “stop & frisk.”

Says White:

I often joke about how my knowledge of what to do when I’m stopped by police officers all stems from Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” A few weeks ago at Netroots Nation I was hanging out with Jasiri X and it hit me. I run up to Jasiri and say “Dude! You should flip Biggie Smalls ’10 Crack Commandments!’ Make the #10FriskCommandments! What to do when you’re stopped and frisked!”

Jasiri thought for a moment and said “That could work.” I was so excited about the idea of it and how great Jasiri is as an artist I offered to direct and shoot the video in Brooklyn on the spot. He brings this issue to light with such passion and clarity that I was glad to be apart of the project. And lets be honest. his verses are FIRE.

NewsOne continues its editorial commitment to covering the “stop & frisk” issue, and its determination to fight the wholesale use of this tactic as a violation of civil rights and equal treatment under the law.

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