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Just two nights after sitting down with Fox News’s Sean Hannity in a nationally televised pre-recorded interview, George Zimmerman has now taken his media campaign to YouTube.

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Zimmerman speaks in English in the first half of the video and closes out the other half in Spanish. He expressed words of gratitude to his supporters and informed them that he will be regularly updating his website, “”

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“This is our website. It is not my website,” Zimmerman said to the camera. “It is your website where you can personally communicate with me and I hope to be your website to provide facts.”

Watch George Zimmerman On YouTube

So far, the nearly two-minute video has nearly 10, 400 views, 62 “likes” and 332 “dislikes.” It was uploaded by someone with the YouTube username,”friendsofgz.

“So check back often and spread the word to your family and friends,” he says in the video.

We sure will, George! We have plenty of questions for you! And trust me, they are not the type that your pal Mr. Hannity asked.

NewsOne readers, please feel free to click on the links embedded in this post and send your questions. Please, do not send hate emails or any racially disparaging commentary. Tough questions dealing with the “facts” of the case will likely get a response from him than simply diatribes.

That said, go to his website and get the facts!