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A Chicago flash mob of more than 20 teens descended upon a trendy neighborhood shop on Saturday and ripped off over $3,000 worth of high-priced denim jeans, reports the New York Daily News.

There were only four store employees on duty when the teens bum-rushed them and the Midblend Supply Company owner Luke Cho (pictured below).

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Cho actually figured out something was very wrong after the 15th or 16th teen marched their way into his store to presumably shop. His unease told him to lock the doors of his shop at 6:40 pm, which he now says halted another dozen or so teens from barreling into his establishment. “We were overwhelmed pretty quickly,” Cho reflects. He instructed someone on his staff to summon 911 immediately.

The store owner says that the kids had primarily targeted “Nudie Jeans” which sell for around $200 a pair.

Unfortunately, it took Chicago police about half an hour to get to Cho’s vandalized store because a local festival had closed off streets. By the time police arrived, the kids had done their damage and left. Many of them had taken cover in the street fair.


“They [the teens] basically pushed us aside,” Cho told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We were standing by the door. My staff got cuts and bruises and banged around until [the thieves] unlocked the door and got out.”

Thus far, there have been no arrests in connection with the flash mob robbery.

Over the past few years, similar groups of teenagers have rampaged their way through stores and public streets to heist merchandise, commit strong-arm robberies, devastate property and attack pedestrians.

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