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T.J. Holmes, a former reporter with CNN, says he was pulled over by police near his home in Georgia for apparently no reason.

Much of his account was chronicled on his twitter page.

“Driving while black ain’t no joke, Holmes tweeted. He took a snap shot of his rear view mirror showing one of the officers who pulled him over and published the photo on his Instagram account.

He says he was just one mile away from home when police pulled him over. The reason?

Well, that is something that Holmes claims the cops had a hard time explaining. After stumbling over his words, as he describes the officer’s inability to explain why he was pulled over, a reason was given: “wanted to make sure you have insurance on the car.”

“I kid you not,” Holmes said of the cop’s explanation. Holmes has not named the police department with which he filed his complaint and refuses to describe the kind of car he was driving .


The officers eventually let Holmes go. But the former CNN anchor tweeted that he was still peeved from the experience. Below is a rundown of the tweets Holmes published during the stop.

Based on Holmes’s account, this incident seems like a case of racial profiling. And he has every right to be pissed about it. Indeed, as Holmes tweeted, driving while Black ain’t no joke! He says that he will write about his experience on his personal blog and how Georgia law may allow for him to be pulled over again.


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