So, Janet Jackson didn’t slap Paris or call her a “spoiled little bi*ch” after all, according to TMZ.

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The celebrity news site reported last week that Janet had slapped the child, tried to snatch her cell phone away and cursed at her.

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TMZ is now saying that the sources who provided them with the information were not reliable.

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Janet also came to her own defense, saying that she and Paris never had a heated conflict that resulted in physical violence. Blair Brown, Janet’s attorney, told the online magazine Insider that “Ms. Jackson did not slap Paris, nor did she call her a ‘spoiled little bitch’ or a ‘bitch.'”

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Brown says that client is contemplating suing the source of the false claims, arguing that the “false statements are highly damaging to Ms. Jackson’s reputation and have caused her significant harm.”

The alleged confrontation between Janet and Paris outside of Jackson family home reportedly had something to do with Micheal Jackson’s estate lawyers, who have prohibited siblings Rebbie, Randy, Jermaine and Janet from stepping foot onto the premises.

Reportedly, the Jackson siblings stormed the property and tried to forcefully remove the Jackson children from the home. The fracas is said to have stemmed from a dispute over Michael’s will. The siblings who were not named in his will have expressed doubts as to its validity and want to publicly challenge its executors on the matter.

In the mist of all of this drama, Mother Jackson went missing for over a week only to be located in Arizona.

Yes, we know. It’s a lot to swallow!

As the Jackson situation further complicates itself, one fact is clear: TMZ confirms that they do not believe Janet assaulted Paris.

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