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Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (pictured) has more than backed up his “Fastest Man In The World” moniker during competition. A world record holder in multiple sprinting events, Bolt has etched his name in the annals of sporting legends. But there’s more to him than just the incredibly gifted feet supporting his 6’5″ frame. Check out 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Usain Bolt below.

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1) At the 2008 Olympics, Bolt set his first world record, sprinting 100m in 9.72 seconds. He would also go on to break two more records and win three gold medals. [Source: Wikipedia]

2) SportsPro Magazine named Bolt the “most-marketable sportsman on the planet” in its second annual ranking of the world’s 50 most-marketable athletes. [Source: SportsPro]

Watch Usain Bolt break a world record in the 100m dash:

3) At 15 years old, Bolt became the youngest person at the time to win a gold medal at the 2002 World Junior Championships in Jamaica. [Source: Wikipedia]

4) In 2007, Bolt broke a 30-year-old record at the Jamaican Senior Track And Field Championships, finishing the 200m dash in 19.75 seconds. Donald Quarrie, the previous record holder, finished it in 19.86. [Source:, Wikipedia]

Watch Usain Bolt’s average speed at the 100 meter dash in Berlin:

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5) Two years after breaking Quarrie’s record, Bolt would break it again, finishing the 200m at the IAAF World Championship Track And Field event in Berlin in 19.19 seconds. [Source: The Guardian]

6) The International Association Of Athletics Federations awarded Bolt the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for 2008, 2009, and 2011. [Source: Usain]

Watch Usain Bolt capture his first Olympic medal:

7) Bolt operates his own restaurant in Jamaica called “Tracks And Records.” [Source: Usain]

8) Bolt has earned $20.3 million in 2012 as of this June. [Source: Celebrity Net]

9) After his prowess on the track, Bolt’s nickname is “Lightening Bolt.” [Source: BBC Sport]

10) Bolt’s relationship with  fashion designer Lubica Slovak caused controversy in his native Jamaica because she is White. In May, Bolt would break up with her to focus on the 2012 Olympics. [Source: News]

Keep running, Bolt!