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Hey, did you hear the one about the alleged Founding Fathers of this nation beating the President of the United States until he’s left broken and bloody, writhing in pain? We’re sure you haven’t, because unless you’re a racist, Islamophobic moron, even if you had heard it, you wouldn’t have found it funny.

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Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776, a branch of the Tea Party, has sent out an email blast with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry and others, taking turns assaulting President Barack Obama, reports Think Progress. According to these self-proclaimed American patriots, it’s just for kicks and giggles.

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See screenshot below:

A member of the Tea Party confirmed to Think Progress that the organization sent out the email because it was funny, and more importantly, because President Obama “may be a Muslim.”

The “joke” is a riff on a routine by stand-up comedian and actor Robin Williams. In the bit, Williams suggests that when Osama bin Ladin gets to Heaven, he is greeted by 71 Virginians, not 72 virgins as is promised in the Quran.

See Williams’ joke below:

The Tea Party has a long history of proliferating the myth that Obama is Muslim. Tea Party activist, Marcia Woods, wrote a scathing article claiming that Obama was intentionally undermining the United States, while secretly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood:

Without vetting it becomes quite apparent who he is, where he came from and what his business is in our United States. Remember that the Muslim Radicals believe it’s good to lie for a “greater cause.” His lack of engagement with the Egypt hostage situation should not be a surprise, because in his arrogance he forgot one thing – the revolutionaries that he supported are not his friends and now he’s facing their wrath.

I see a Commander in Chief who is aggressively destroying our Nation cutting back on our Military power and nuclear capabilities as he pursues a false “ideology.” Obama is living it up on the Presidential Campaign trail while 19 Americans are being held hostage in Egypt by the Muslim Radicals that Obama supported. Something is definitely wrong with this picture!

In an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360°,” Tea Party leader Mark Williams claimed that Obama was “Racist-in-Chief” and an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug,” who did not have America’s best interest at heart.

See Williams’ statement below:

More than the blatant racist undertones of the Tea Party, is their false equivalency of Muslim and Anti-American. This is the same intellectual dishonesty that leads them to claim that the POTUS — who consistently says that he speaks for all Americans, even when the Black community has urged for more vocal support — is racist.

Their comfort level with targeting Muslims and people of color is a reminder of the sheer ignorance that persists in this country, regardless of how much progress has been made on the surface.


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