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Queniya Tykia Shelton (pictured below), 7, was killed after being tossed from an SUV driven by her mother Errika (pictured left), following a high-speed chase by deputies on a Spartanburg, South Carolina Interstate on Tuesday, reports WYFF News 4.

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The deputies began pursuing Errika’s late-model SUV after it was spotted tailgating other motorists and making erratic lane changes. When the 26-year-old mom noticed the cops were on her trail, she hit the gas, exceeding 100 mph during the chase. The SUV suddenly over-corrected, struck a guard rail and flipped in the median which resulted in Queniya being ejected from the vehicle.

Investigators reportedly are certain that neither Queniya nor Errika was wearing a seat belt. They also believe that the reason why Queniya was not secured in her seat was because Errika had instructed her to throw some marijuana out of the vehicle’s window during the pursuit.

Police later discovered a 1/2 pound of marijuana and charges are pending against Errika, who sustained broken bones in the crash but is expected to survive.

Errika has been arrested before for the unlawful carrying of a weapon and assaulting police while resisting arrest.  She is currently facing six charges in connection with the fatal police chase.

Errika is charged with failure to stop for blue light, resulting in death; driving under suspension, third and subsequent; unlawful neglect of a child; reckless driving; possession with intent to distribute marijuana and a habitual traffic offender charge.

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