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Ah, the joys of fatherhood. It makes even the hardest men realize the error of their misogynistic ways — sometimes. That seems to be the case with Clifford “T.I.” Harris, a.k.a. The King of the South, when a young buck decided to approach his young step-daughter, Zonnique of the “OMG Girlz” for sex on Instagram, reports

See screenshot below:

While everyone is oohing and aahing over his passionate defense of Zonnique, one has to wonder if perhaps the boy is a fan of “The General’s” — or as he also likes to be called, “P**sy Popper’s” — music. If that’s the case, could this be fatherhood’s Big Payback?

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See below for Exhibit A —  Lyrics from T.I.’s hit song “Let’s Get Away”:

I’m chilling’ with Brazilian women, heavy accents

They black friends translatin’, got ’em all ass naked, ass chasing

Have relations with ’em many places

Leavin’ semen in they pretty faces

Make ’em kiss they partners with it in they faces

Young pimpin’ sprung women across the 50 states

Got young ladies requestin’ “What’s Your Name” on 50 stations

They be, removin’ they skirts when they hop in the ‘burban

Once the flick start playin’ and the E start kickin’ in

Her girlfriend lickin’ and she beggin’ me to stick it in

That’s why, I like chillin’ with women who like women

Lightskinned… Asians, Jamaicans and white women

Indians, Italians, Haitians and Puerto Ricans

They be itchin’ for they chance and waitin’ in me to freak ’em

The simple fact that these are women he’s rapping about, leaves little doubt that they are also daughters. Though it’s obvious that he loves his children and is overprotective of all of them on “T.I. and Tiny’s Family Hustle,” there should be a concern for more than just his daughters.

Hopefully, the young boy received the message loud and clear; disrespecting a young lady is not cool — at all.

And maybe, just maybe, pops got it as well.


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