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What a difference one head-butt can make.

In light of the recent domestic violence dispute between newlyweds Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, 34, and Evelyn Johnson (Lozada), 36, VH1 has pulled the plug on their scheduled reality series, “Ev & Ocho.”

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VH1 released the following statement:

“Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series ‘Ev and Ocho’ from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it.”

As previously reported by NewsOne, Johnson was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after allegedly head-butting his new wife during an argument sparked when she found a receipt for condoms in his black “smart car.” Johnson claims that Lozada head-butted him and then exited the vehicle. If convicted, Johnson would face a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.


REPORT: Miami Dolphins Release Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson

Chad Johnson Police Report

Even though this is Johnson’s first legal issue and arrest since entering the NFL in 2001, he was released from the Miami Dolphins, where he played wide receiver, approximately 24 hours after the incident. In an interview with Stuart Weinstein, on his first off-day from Dolphins training camp, Johnson predicted handcuffs were in his future.

“Stu, I promise I’m getting arrested while we’re off,” Johnson says.

“Call me, I’ll come get you,” Weinstein replies.

At the time, it was a light-hearted moment, but now it’s far from funny.

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Lozada has excused Johnson’s flirtatious behavior in the past, claiming in an episode of “BBW” that she would understand if he were unfaithful as long as he used protection.

See “Basketball Wives” clip here:

“Ev & Ocho” has been embattled since news first spread that it was in the works. Due to Lozada’s violent bullying on “BBW,” a petition

was started to boycott the show and gained thousands of signatures in a short span of time. Maybe the petition didn’t get the job done, but the end goal has been reached — “Ev & Ocho” is no more. As of today, their only — dubious — claim to fame is the trending topic, #OchoThatHoe, meant to be said when someone gets out of line and you head-butt them. It is probably some of the most pathetic social commentary I’ve seen in recent memory that anyone would find domestic violence and misogynistic slurs humorous enough to make this unfortunate situation a catchphrase.

Though it can be said — and has been — that the penalties for the volatile couple have been extreme, they have both placed themselves in the precarious situation of not having much good-will and moral capital to exchange for second chances. Whomever is responsible for their relationship turning abusive should not be excused; but at this point, no one knows the facts.

More importantly, it says a lot about this couple that no one in their professional careers cared enough to wait and find out.


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