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The shooting death of 21-year-old Chavis Carter has been ruled a suicide by the Arkansas State Crime Lab, News Channel 3 in Memphis reports.

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The autopsy report does not indicate whether or not gun residue was found on his hands. Here is a copy of the autopsy report obtained by Channel 3.

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The report states that Carter suffered a gunshot wound in the right temple and that the cause of death is also based on investigative conclusions by the Jonesboro Police Department.

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Here is the opinion of the report below:

“In consideration of the circumstances of death and after autopsy of the body, it is our opinion that Chavis Carter, a 21-year-old black male, died of a gunshot wound of the head.

The agencies responsible for the investigation of his death were the Jonesboro Police Department and the Craighead County Coroner’s Office.

They reported that he was detained during a traffic stop.

He was cuffed and placed into a police car, where apparently he produced a weapon, and despite being handcuffed, shot himself in the head.

At autopsy, the cause of death was a perforating gunshot wound of the head. At the time of

discharge, the muzzle of the gun was placed against the right temporal scalp.

The bullet perforated the cranial cavity, causing brain injuries, skull fractures, and death.

The bullet exited the left side of the head.

The manner of death is based on both autopsy findings and the investigative conclusions of the Jonesboro Police Department.”

Carter’s family, however, does not believe he killed himself. His mother says that he was not suicidal.

As NewsOne previously reported, Carter was stopped in a truck along with two White males on the evening of July 29. After questioning, the cops at the scene released the two males but kept Carter because they found marijuana on his person. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in Mississippi.

During the stop, Carter was searched twice, but no gun was found. He was placed in the back of a police squad to be taken to a local police station. At some point, officers said they heard a muffled blast. They went to check on Carter where they said they found him slumped over with blood flowing from his head. Still breathing, Carter was rushed to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.

The FBI is monitoring the case and will run  ballistics testing on the .380-caliber, cobra semi-automatic handgun that took his life.

The two arresting officers on the scene have been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation into Carter’s death.