Pamela Davis (pictured) has been charged with suffocating her granddaughter, 3-week-old Emonie Beasley-Brown, while she and the baby’s 14-year-old mother were hiding from police and a relative at her Chicago home on Aug. 13, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

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Davis reportedly admitted to showing the teen mother how to cover the baby’s mouth to muffle her whimpers during the cop’s search of her home.

Here is a breakdown of events that led up to the baby’s death, as reported by the Sun-Times:

Emonie’s mother had come to Davis’ home with the baby Aug. 13 after she got into a fight with her mother and ran away, assistant state’s attorney Wendy Caceres said. The next day the newborn’s maternal grandmother came looking for the pair at Davis’ house. She kept knocking on the door but no one would answer, so she came back with police, prosecutors said.

That’s when prosecutors said Davis, 39, told her son and Emonie’s mother to take the baby and hide in the crawlspace. Davis also told them to barricade the door so police couldn’t get in, Caceres said.

While they were in the crawlspace, Davis allegedly showed Emonie’s mother how to cover the baby’s mouth to keep her quiet and watched as the teenage girl pressed her hand across the baby’s mouth.

Davis left the crawlspace for awhile but when she came back in, she kneed Emonie in the head, Caceres said. When all four eventually came out, Emonie was unresponsive and had blood all over her face, Caceres said.

Emonie died three days later at the University of Chicago Medical Center. It appears, based on news reports, that neither the mother of the baby nor the grandmother intended to kill the baby.

Davis allegedly admitted to cops that she muffled the baby’s mouth to keep them from finding her hiding spot during their Aug. 13 search. She is being held on $250,000 bond. The baby’s mother is also being charged as a juvenile in connection to her daughter’s death.

Davis, according to Caceres, has a misdemeanor conviction for endangering the life of a child and was ordered to undergo 18 months of court supervision. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services says it has investigated “credible allegations” that the baby’s mother had been abused as a minor.

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