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Branden Whitehead, a 20-year-old student at West Georgia Technical College, had to walk 15 miles each ways to attend class because he doesn’t have a car.

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But, when Whitehead was hurt in a collision by a hit-and-run driver during one of his long treks last month, his injuries made it impossible for him to walk long distances.

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the accident.

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But when Vanessa Peebles saw Whitehead’s story on television one night, she vowed that he would never have to get to class by foot again, reports. She donated her 1990 Cadillac to the young college student, saying that she was taken aback after hearing about Whitehead’s story.

“The thought of my kid walking, I don’t even want to think about it. So I said nope, that’s it, end of story he’s going to get this car,” Peebles told

Whitehead, who has dreams of becoming a surgical tech, said the gift has made a “big difference.”

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The only condition attached to her gift is that he has to continue doing well in his studies.

Whitehead believes his bag, which was crammed with heavy books, may have saved his life as it took the brunt of the impact.

Peebles said the car is his on one condition; he has to continue to do well in his studies.

“I’m thankful to be alive,” he said, “and that makes me want to go to school even more.”

After a warm embrace, Whitehead told Peebles that her gesture has made a world of difference. Though the 22-year-old big body Cadillac needs a little TLC, at least the aspiring surgical tech will no longer have to walk 15 miles to work any longer.